A meat processing complex and 16 dairy farms will be built by 2021

A meat processing complex and 16 dairy farms will  be built by 2021

Agricultural industry is one of the drivers of the economic growth in Kazakhstan. The Government is set to strengthen agricultural development by introducing modern technologies and providing support to farmers. As part of the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry’s development program, the milk and poultry production in Kazakhstan will be tripled in the next 10 years. A meat processing complex and 16 dairy farms will also be built in Akmola and Karagandy regions by 2021. All these measures are aimed at eliminating import of dairy products and chicken meat.


 - Currently, we import about one million tonnes of milk and dairy products. We have detailed information and we keep records of the products sold in 2018 and plans for 2019, including the number of specific farms, the number of livestock, the farm’s launch date, technologies used and project initiators. This is a comprehensive work. The farm is the project.

Digital transformation is also yielding positive results in agricultural sector. New technologies allow farmers to efficiently keep records. A mobile application developed in one of the farms in West Kazakhstan region sparked interest among owners of neighboring livestock enterprises. It is a tracking system which requires a cell phone with a GPS beacon. Farmers put mobile phone around one of the animal’s necks to search for the lost herd.


 - The animals graze at the pasture land and I just watch them. If an animal or some of the sheep leaves the herd, then I simply open my application on my phone and watch their route. And then I go to find them on this route. Over the past year, I have not lost a single sheep.

The same mobile application allows farmers to keep track of their livestock. Animals on the farm are provided with radio frequency tags. The farmers attached the tags on the cattle for electronic identification. All data is stored in the Agriculture Ministry’s database. Through the application, farmers can access this database and make changes in the animal’s passport. The farmer’s idea was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.