Kazakh businesses see great export opportunities with China

Kazakh businesses see great export opportunities with China

Kazakhstan is successfully joining the world markets. Kazakh businesses see great export opportunities with China. Now the lion's share of deliveries to China accounts for raw materials such as refined copper, zinc, oil, gas, ferroalloys as well as wheat. In addition, negotiations are continuing to enter the Chinese market with more than 30 types of agricultural products, specifically, vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes and melons. Kazakh producers of flour, salt and confectionery also have good sales opportunities in the Chinese market.


 - As a rule, these are big enterprises because a large amount of turnover is necessary to work with China. We need significant production capacity because China’s demand is high. Last year, trade was estimated at US$10.5 billion. Out of which nearly 50% falls for Kazakhstan which means the country exports goods worth US$5.5 billion to China while the country imports products worth US$4.5 billion from China.

30 domestic companies in the food and textile industries as well as engineering, tourism and agriculture are ready to compete for Chinese consumers. The quality of Kazakhstan’s meat has been appreciated by residents of foreign countries, particularly, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. In the near future, premium products will also appear on the Chinese market.


 - Relations between the Head of our states are close and they have agreed on the products supply. Work has been improved and all permits received. We expect the first deliveries by end of this year. We expect deliveries for lamb and beef in early next year. Initially, we plan from 20,000 tonnes per year for beef and mutton. Then the demand will increase to 50-60,000 and then 100,000 tonnes. We will increase the supply as the demand increases.

Chains of confectionery from Aktobe also plan to export its products to the country with the largest population in the world. The entrepreneurs hope that their products and the main Kazakh dessert brand ‘Gent in Chocolate’ will appeal to foreigners. Meanwhile, fashion designer AIzhan Zhuzbay plans to attract Chinese fashionistas. She sews unique designs in small batches but dreams of developing a new brand for the mass market.

 - This is Chinese Silk with Chinese print. Here is Chinese culture, different dynasties and different interesting patterns. This dress is in high demand.