Modernization of a refinery in Shymkent has recently been completed

Modernization of a refinery in Shymkent has recently been completed

In Kazakhstan’s regions, enterprises are being modernized under the state program of industrial-innovative development. The country’s refineries are being modernized as well.

Modernization of a refinery in Shymkent has recently been completed. As a result of commissioning high-tech equipment, the company has established an output of K-4 and K-5 class products, in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union. Now the plant produces components of gasoline, liquefied gas and diesel fuel of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. The refinery will not stop there: up to 400,000 tonnes of kerosene will be produced per year.


 - Behind me, you can see a fuel oil catalytic cracking unit. We obtain more than 50% of high-octane gasoline from fuel oil, which subsequently goes to hydrotreating units and then to commodity plants and consumers. Moreover, liquefied gases undergo hydro treatment as well.

Today, the Shymkent refinery is one of the most modern in the industry. Automation reduces the expenditure of the refinery and it provides a possibility of computer tracking processes. As part of the modernization project, 11 technological facilities and 29 general production facilities were built and put into operation.


 - The factory is world-class. During the largest construction, more than 40,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete and metal facilities have been installed. Over 1,400 units of technological equipment, as well as over 6,000 units of electrical equipment, have been installed too.

As a result of the modernization, the plant increased the volume of oil refining to six million tonnes per year. Experts highlight that the plant has less environmental pollution.