YPO: World's largest association of business leaders at a business forum

YPO: World's largest association of business leaders at a business forum

Stories of growth, practical cases and tips for doing business in Kazakhstan have been discussed in the business forum. For the first time, five influential entrepreneurs of the republic shared their success stories with Kazakh youngsters. All of them are members of the world's largest association of business leaders, Young Presidents' Organization.


 - The YPO is an international organization with 25,000 members in more than 130 countries. All businessmen who have achieved their goals, either financially or in a number of required places can join the YPO. This organization is like a big family in every country and serves as a great networking platform.

Today, the YPO international organization includes 20 businessmen from Kazakhstan. Membership in this organization is not only based on a company’s income but also on the age of the entrepreneur.


 - Of course, there are a number of restrictions like the company's turnover should be at least US$10 million and the number of employees should be approximately 100. It is clear that not everyone can join the organization. Of course, there are large deductions and annual contributions. However, this has a reason, too. An entrepreneur must reach a certain level of development in order to join this organization. The main factor is the age limit. It is impossible to join the organization if a candidate is older than 45.

Hundreds of active marketers, startup owners and students took advantage of the unique opportunity to listen to practical lessons from businessmen and ask questions from them. The YPO Business Forum will become an annual event. Organizers promise that it will be organized not only in the capital but also in all cities of the republic.