2019-2021 budget has been reviewed

2019-2021 budget has been reviewed

The Kazakh Government will allocate 30 billion Tenge from the National Fund for small and medium businesses development. Members of Mazhilis, the Lower House of Kazakh Parliament reviewed the 2019-2021 budget. Upon the President’s instruction, the Business Road Map program will be extended until 2025. 22,000 jobs were created and 224 billion Tenge in taxes were generated as part of the program.


 - Increasing salaries for certain categories of citizens, supporting small and medium businesses and agriculture requires additional funds. We will use funds of the Republican budget and the National Fund, which does not contradict the concept of the National Fund. Ultimately, this will ensure the growth of the Kazakh economy.

The 2019-2021 budget will cover the expenses of social sector development and implementation of the President’s instructions outlined in the Annual Address. The three-year budget will total 22.2 trillion Tenge, excluding resources of the National Fund.