Kazakhstan and Russia will increase trade turnover

Kazakhstan and Russia will increase trade turnover. In the near future, the parties intend to achieve a mutual trade index of US$20 billion. Experts say that a good dynamic of economic interaction allows talking about it. In 2017, the volume of trade grew by almost a third, reaching US$17,5 billion. This year there are chances to increase it. Implementation of nearly 50 investment projects in various industries and the work of 6,000 joint ventures are in the active stage. Thus, there are 27 representative offices of the ‘Kamaz’ Russian automobile corporation in Kazakhstan. Joint production is planned between the ‘Zenith’ Ural shipbuilding plant and partners in Zelenodolsk. The Almaty Aircraft Repair Plant undertakes construction of the new ‘Ansat’ helicopter with the Kazan air transport company. In the near future, new projects are being considered in various areas. Cooperation with Tatarstan is also developing dynamically.


 - We need to integrate more deeply in petrochemistry. You are a very raw region where we could use the experience of our petrochemists. In the area of helicopter building, today the Kazan Helicopter Plant not only has helicopters, but there is also a workshop that is very successfully used for medical purposes.