President’s state-of-the-nation address: business support

Kazakh producers are set to increase the volumes of local export products. The Government will provide substantial support for entrepreneurs to implement this task. Kazakh exporters will be provided with new benefits next year. The President of Kazakhstan highlighted in his Address that the Government will reimburse the transportation costs. The Government is planning to allocate 20 billion Tenge for this purpose and an additional five billion Tenge to open trade offices abroad and organize trade missions.


- The support for exporters is expected to increase by five times in 2019. We will also introduce a new reimbursement tool aimed at the transportation related expenses. The Government is set to reimburse up to 50 percent of exporters' costs for transportation.

According to experts, the export of Kazakh goods is growing on average by five percent annually. The manufacturing sector’s growth is estimated at the same level. Kazakhstan-made construction supplies produced at a factory in Astana are in demand in neighboring countries. Their products are earthquake resistant, durable and provide high thermal insulation as they retain heat in winter and cool in summer. The factory has been producing the gas blocks for 15 years. The company also launched a plant in Atyrau. The enterprise produces about 400,000 cubic meters of high-quality construction supplies per year.


- Our company has been shipping our output to Uzbekistan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan for more than seven years. Our products are very popular in Kazakhstan, and we would like to promote them in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. We will continue building our capacity. We believe that we have vast potential.

In addition to construction supplies, Kazakhstan exports machinery, automotive batteries, electrical equipment, chemical goods and food products as well. A total of 1,757 export-oriented enterprises are registered in Kazakhstan.