A large logistics project is being implemented in Akmola region

Kazakhstan is strengthening its position as a major international transit and transport hub. Railway and road infrastructure is developing in the country. A large project is being implemented in Akmola region aimed at reconstruction of the highway, which will connect Astana with Eastern Kazakhstan. The construction of the Center-East transport corridor is underway in three regions.


- The section within the area of Akmola region is 189 kilometers and it is divided into seven sites. To date, 139 kilometers of the road have been commissioned. We are planning to commission the remaining 50 kilometers of the road by the end of the year.

Construction of a 905 kilometers long transport corridor is nearing completion in Pavlodar region. The project cost is 215 billion Tenge. The road will be committed by the end 2019. However, part of the highway can be used starting this year.


- The Astana-Pavlodar highway is 191 kilometers. This year, we will complete 30 kilometers of the road and will continue working on the remaining 161 kilometers. We will coat the newly built roads and will also work on the second lane of the road.

Two Republican highways will be reconstructed in Southern Kazakhstan at the cost of 19 billion Tenge. Five international railways and six international highways go through the area of Kazakhstan. They connect Asian countries with Europe. Also, an important Western Europe – Western China transport corridor goes across Kazakhstan. The construction of Kazakhstan’s section of the highway will be fully completed next year.