2nd Investment forum was held in Kostanay

The need to increase the investment attractiveness of the regions was discussed at the second investment forum held in Kostanay. The forum participants identified a list of priority projects and signed 19 memorandums worth 251 billion Tenge. One of these projects is the construction of a large-scale facility for the deep processing of oilseeds and grains. This will be the first project of such kind in the region. The project will be implemented with the help of Chinese investment. The construction will begin next year.


 - Construction of a plant for processing of grain crops will begin in the industrial zone of Kostanay in the first quarter of 2019.
The production capacity of the enterprise will be at 600, 000 tons of wheat, more than 200, 000 oilseeds and one million tons of compound feed. And most importantly, all the processed goods will be exported to China.

Currently, there are seven investment projects implemented in the region worth 500 billion Tenge. One of the projects is a tractor manufacturing plant. In the next five years, new workshops will be opened to assemble the tractor units. Agreements have also been reached to construct automobiles, stone processing as well as wood products and tiles manufacturing plants.