Kazakhstan will export products made of pasteurized camel milk

Kazakh goods producers are set to succeed in the global markets. Kazakhstan will export products made of pasteurized camel milk. The enterprise located in Mangystau region doubled its capacities with the help of the ‘Business Roadmap 2020’ program and purchased equipment worth 300 million tenge. The plant operates in line with the tasks set by the Kazakh president in the State-of-the-Nation address. According to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the trade policy should aim to actively promote domestic goods on the regional and international markets. The enterprise is planning to sell the Kazakh traditional products.


 - We are selling our products in the Mangystau region and Atyrau. In his address, President Nazarbayev extended the ‘Business Roadmap’ program. With the help of the program, we want to purchase equipment, extend the range of our products and export them to Russia.

The facility is an anchor project whereby milk from cow, goat and camel, which are delivered by large and small farms, are processed. The enterprise produces 12 tonnes of dairy and fermented dairy products per day, including three tonnes of pasteurized camel milk which has a shelf life of about a month. The facility produces a total of 40 product range. In addition to the regular products, the enterprise also produces kurt, tan and cheese. In the nearest future, the products will be sold in Astana. The enterprise is also set to regularly export two tonnes of shalap and five tonnes of shubat.