Spanish businessmen are recognizing cooperation prospect in Kazakhstan

Spanish businessmen are recognizing cooperation prospect in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is increasing its investment attractiveness. All conditions for business development have been created in the republic. Spanish businessmen are also recognizing promising bilateral cooperation prospects. In the republic, they intend to build a chain of plants on solid waste treatment. The main feature of the project is an innovative technology which gives the opportunity to obtain gas from recycling.


 - We have new technologies from the USA. We have several countries in the world that use this technology. We have a patent for gas purification. We can get gas out of the garbage. We would like to launch the first project. We are going to agree on it this year or on February - March of the next year. The plant will manage to work in 15 months. Then in two years, the plant will be built which will recycle the city’s garbage and gas will be obtained. There will be no landfills which are the best thing about the plant.

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Spain is increasing. According to the Kazakh foreign ministry, in the first seven months of this year, the growth of trade between the two countries increased by 56% compared to the same period of the last year. In general, the parties actively cooperate in areas such as energy, construction, agriculture, medicine, education and the automotive industry. Today, over 40 enterprises with the participation of Spanish capital are working in Kazakhstan.