70% of investments into Central Asia are drawn to Kazakhstan

70% of investments into Central Asia are drawn to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a leader among the Central Asian countries in the amount of foreign investment it attracts, accounting for more than 70% of all the investment drawn to the region. In the first six months of this year, agreements have been reached on the implementation of 69 new projects with large investors, including ten multinational companies from China, Turkey, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and countries of the European Union. Opportunities and the investment climate for potential investors were discussed at the recent forum titled ‘Ancient Turkestan - New Opportunities.’ Promising projects were discussed in cooperation with foreign businessmen.


 - We are interested in developing renewable energy since I understand that Kazakhstan is going to solar and wind energy. There will be five new projects


 - We are working on infrastructure projects. A concrete road was built in Almaty. In addition, our company has concluded an agreement with the Turkestan region on the construction of roads in the Shardara region. In addition, our company is interested in the construction of an international airport.

Favorable investment climate includes tax exemptions, customs and tax benefits. Moreover, the country provides land with the necessary infrastructure within its the industrial economic zones.


 - We are planning to build a greenhouse in the area of 200 hectares in Kentau. The southern weather conditions will allow us to grow fruits and vegetables throughout the year. We will export the end products to the neighbouring countries and beyond.

The new projects will boost the economic growth. Involvement of foreign companies will also accelerate the diversification of the economy and strengthen Kazakhstan’s technological development. Malaysian companies are set to implement large green energy and industrial projects. As a result of the business forum, the companies signed 19 memorandums worth US$2 billion. Iran will build an oil refinery, Russia will construct a greenhouse complex, China is set to launch the electric buses production and the UAE is interested in tourism development in Kazakhstan.