Kazakhstan-made electric locomotives are travelling along the railroads of Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan-made electric locomotives are travelling along the railroads of Azerbaijan. There are two of them so far, but, according to the agreements, the Kazakh plant will supply 50 more electric locomotives to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani specialists admit that the modern locomotives are of a high quality. They believe that they will substantially increase the railway traffic volume.  


 - These locomotives have recently arrived from Kazakhstan. We are testing them now. They differ from the previous ones because they are capable of pulling more wagons with less consumption. These wagons are cost-effective. The driver’s cab is equipped with the latest equipment.   

The passenger locomotives are capable of speeds up to 160 km/h. Due to the module’s design, the locomotives require minimum technical maintenance, are distinguished by high reliability and low operating costs. The drivers underwent special training in order to operate them.


 - The top speed of the old locomotives was 100 km/h, but the top speed of these vehicles is 160 km/h. These dual system locomotives operate on direct and alternating currents. The old locomotives could haul 15 wagons, but these vehicles can haul 25 wagons.  

These passenger and freight locomotives will operate along the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars route. The vehicles are currently tested. Next year, the Kazakh electric locomotives will be used in passenger and freight transportation in Kazakhstan and abroad.