The Kazakh government is continuing to prioritize the development of transport infrastructure

The Kazakh government is continuing to prioritize the development of the transport infrastructure across the country. A number of promising projects are under development. A Kazak delegation met with Korean investors in Seoul to present some of these projects as a potentially promising area of cooperation. Kazakhstan's project preparation fund presented plans for the construction of the light rail and railroad in Almaty as well as road projects in the Turkistan region. Korean investors demonstrated an interest in these projects. The tender for the road construction between Shymkent and Saryagash will be announced next year. The preliminary cost of the project is approximately US$500 million. Currently, all the public authorities are preparing the necessary documentation, including the feasibility study.


 - The first one is a bypass road near the town of Saryagash near the border with Uzbekistan. The next project is the maintenance of constructed roads between Saryagash and Shymkent. Construction of a bypass road near the city of Shymkent is another big project. The projects aim to ease the passage through the Saryagash and Shymkent cities so the freight flow reaches the Western Europe-Western China corridor as quickly as possible from the countries to the south of Kazakhstan.