Kazakhstan is increasing exports of melons and watermelons

Kazakhstan is increasing exports of melons and watermelons. In the first seven months of this year, agrarians of the Turkestan region exported more than 225, 500 tonnes of watermelons and melons to Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Germany. Over 195,500 tons were delivered to Russia. Belarus imported nearly 13,000 tonnes while Latvia and Germany imported over 17,000 tonnes. 40% of the crop is exported to the northern regions of Kazakhstan.


 - 3,500 hectares of land were sown in our country. 90% of the harvest has been collected. Today 80,000 tonnes of melons are shipped and sent abroad. Last year 70% of the melons were exported. The indicator has increased to 100% given that we sowed a lot of melons. People are trying to export.                                     

This year farmers of the Turkestan region have sowed melons on 61,500 hectares of land. A total of 1,330 tonnes were harvested in which 560,000 tonnes are watermelons and the balance is melons. This year, an additional of 80,000 tonnes has been harvested compared to last year. 65% of melons are grown mostly in south Kazakstan region. Agrarians say that the profit from these fruits is five times higher than cotton.


 - In comparison with last year, today the harvest is good. I sowed melons on 10 hectares of land. Many people sow on 50-60 hectares, some of them even on 100 hectares.

In addition, various snacks from dried melon are also produced in the region.