The number of joint projects with Turkish entrepreneurs is growing in Kazakhstan

The number of joint projects with Turkish entrepreneurs is growing in Kazakhstan

The number of foreign-invested enterprises is growing in Kazakhstan. There is also an increase in the number of joint projects with Turkish entrepreneurs. Aktobe region has the highest number of foreign companies. More than 20 Kazakh-Turkish companies are actively operating in the region. The largest factories include the chromite processing and production plants. More than three billion Tenge were invested in the modernization of these production facilities.


 - In 2018, the governor’s offices of Aktobe region and the management of two companies signed a Road Map worth 1.9 billion Tenge with the implementation deadline until 2022. As a result of these activities, productivity will be increased by 15 per cent while costs will reduce by seven per cent and most importantly the environmental impact will be improved.  

Cooperation with Turkish businessmen is strengthening in other regions as well. For example, the first large shoe factory has launched in Shymkent. The raw materials are brought from Turkey. The enterprise produces 150 pairs of men’s shoes per day and the factory plans to manufacture 100,000 pairs of shoes annually. The project cost is 403 million Tenge. The enterprise has ambitious plans as it is set to provide its products for the local market and export them in the future.


 - We plan to boost the equipment capacities and productivity by tens of times and increasing production from 150 pairs to 100,000 pairs and we will launch women’s and children’s production lines as well.

Turkish businessmen are involved in the construction of a concentrated tomato paste manufacturing plant, which will be launched in two years in Kyzylorda region. More than eight billion Tenge will be invested in the project. The plant is expected to produce 24,000 tonnes of end products per year. The factory will be located in Zhanakorgan district. This year, a Turkish company planted four tomato varieties on 10 hectares of land. The final decision on construction will depend on the yield of the crops and adaptation of these tomato varieties to the climate in Kyzylorda region. The enterprise will provide vast opportunities for the agricultural producers of the neighbouring districts.


 - After the plant’s commissioning, the investors are ready to provide seeds to local farmers and cover their expenses to grow the plants. In autumn, they will purchase the harvest.

Businessmen in Zhambyl region are set to implement a Kazakh-Turkish project. Next year, a soda ash production plant will be constructed in Talas district. The enterprise will manufacture 400,000 tonnes of soda ashes per year. The high-quality products will be sold to the local market in order to reduce import.