Kazakh producers are leading in the Russian pharmacological market

Kazakh producers are leading in the Russian pharmacological market. Kazakhstan has outcompeted Belarus, which used to be Russia’s main partner for many years. According to Russian analysts, Kazakhstan succeeded due to its simple yet rational strategy. There are a few innovative products among the new medications delivered to the Russian market. Production of new medications is a rare phenomenon. In the pharmaceutical business, it’s more important to produce high-quality products are already developed than inventing new ones. 


 - There’s nothing to be surprised about. Quality is a top priority in pharmacology because people’s health is involved here. Kazakhstan has profound 20-year experience; therefore their products are leading in the market. Belarusian producers didn’t give up because it’s a healthy competition. Kazakhstan has a stronger position.

Producers are developing new forms of drug administration, including transdermal delivery and inhalation, as well as the selective and targeted drug delivery. Analysts said that Kazakh producers succeeded due to these developments. Despite the losses in the Russian market, Belarussian producers are still leading in the pharmacological market of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The share of Belarussian companies dropped in the first six months of 2018, compared to last year. It resulted from the strengthening of Kazakhstan’s position.     


 - Based on our data, the share of Belarussian products in shipments to Russia totalled 70 per cent over the last six month. Last year, this value was 92 per cent. The share of Kazakh companies grew from 7 to 29 per cent. It’s a significant difference for both countries. Kazakhstan is maintaining its position and there are no obvious competitors so far.

A common medicines market was established in the EAEU at the end of August. Based on the new rules of the union, six applications for medicines registration were submitted in Kazakhstan and two more in Belarus. Other EAEU member countries will also start using the union’s information system in the near future.