Kazakh honey is in great demand abroad

Kazakh honey is in great demand abroad

Kazakh honey is in great demand abroad. The organic product is appreciated in the Chinese market. Last year, 50 tonnes of honey was exported from the Urdzhar region in East Kazakhstan to China. The interest from the neighbouring country motivates the local beekeepers to expand the production of honey. Last year, 230 tonnes of honey were collected in the district. This year, beekeepers intend to increase the figure to 260 tonnes.

In this farm, beekeeping has become a family business. Knowledge is passed from generation to generation, say brothers Nikolai and Anatoliy. Their ancestors used to breed bees that were brought from Ukraine to Eastern Kazakhstan.


 - It is a must to buy good quality queen bees, to breed and monitor them. This is the only way for successful beekeeping. If we do not ensure the successful breeding process and do not breed young queen, there will be no honey. Astana will host a fair soon and we plan to bring nearly one ton of honey for sale.

The honey bee farm focuses on the development of the breeding population. Up to 25-30 tonnes of honey are collected in a year. The farm has its own workshop and equipment brought from abroad. Neighboring China is showing a special interest in the products of the bee-garden. Therefore, in the future, the farmers aim to arrange export to China.


 - This year, up to 500 families have expanded the apiary. I expect they will pay attention to this. After all, this is a small business which needs to be developed. I’m requesting for documents which will allow free export to China.


 - Work is being continued in this area. China like any country in the world has its own requirements for imported food. Our region directly cooperates with the Republican Chamber of Beekeepers. In 2018, we plan to export about 50 to 60 tonnes of honey to China.

The state supports the beekeeping development as one of the most promising, profitable and export-oriented sectors of agriculture. Over the past year, the Urdzhar honey growers received 11.6 million Tenge of subsidies and this year the amount may double.