13 tourism-related projects are being implemented in the Northern Kazakhstan

13 tourism-related projects are being implemented in the Northern Kazakhstan

The North Kazakhstan region is developing its tourism potential. 13 tourism-related projects are being implemented until the end of the year. The total amount of investments will exceed one billion Tenge. Nearly 300 million Tenge has been invested into the construction of a new campsite in the Shal Akyn district near the Sergeyevsky reservoir. The infrastructure of the camp is being developed. The area welcomes not only local residents but also tourists from other regions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.


 - Previously we had to go to Borovoye and Chelkar. We are very happy that such a recreation area has been opened on our Shal Akyn land. I don’t have to go anywhere and everything is nearby. My children and I can rest, go fishing and spend evenings together. All the amenities are available here.

Since the beginning of the year, nearly 500 tourists have visited the recreational area. The area can fit 200 vacationers per day.


 - Nature is good here. There are hills and stony places. We want to increase the number of visitors to 500 people at a time. We want to have piers, catamarans, boats and trampolines and horses there as well.

22,000 tourists visited the North-Kazakhstan region only in the first quarter of the year. Experts say the number of tourists will increase significantly following the opening of new facilities and infrastructure expansion.