Kazakh agrarians are targeting to harvest more than 20 million tonnes of grain this year

Kazakh agrarians are targeting to harvest more than 20 million tonnes of grain this year. Based on the forecasts made by Kazakh Agricultural Ministry, Kazakhstan has a chance to harvest the same number of yields that was recorded in 2016. Akmola region is one of the main agricultural areas in Kazakhstan. The region provides over 5.5 million tonnes of grains. To date, there are almost five million hectares of agricultural land in the region, majority of which are grains. Priority is traditionally given on wheat farming. Oilseed and fodder crops productions have also increased.


- As part of diversification, the areas under the priority crops were increased by 150,000 hectares this year, the crops under elite seeds grew 1.8 times over the last two years and areas under mineral fertilizers have doubled. The irrigated lands were increased 7 times.

The seeds of the elite cereal crops are unique as local scientists adapted them to the local weather conditions and currently these crops can withstand any temperature ranges. More than 200,000 hectares of land were sown in Bulandy district of Akmola region this year. A large share of them of about 95,000 hectares belongs to this agricultural company. In addition to crop farming, local agrarians are engaged with beef faming as there is a feeding station.


- The Government helps a lot. I believe that a well-balanced and smart Government policy in terms of providing subsidies and diversification stimulates farms to sow new crops. Our staff worked hard this season and we have enough equipment to complete harvesting. The investment subsidies allow upgrading equipment and purchasing new equipment.

Grains produced in Kazakhstan are traditionally valued abroad. The opportunities of local agrarians to transport raw materials and end products are growing every year. The new railway links and the recently launched Kuryk port are expanding the transportation options. Meanwhile, agrarians will step up their activities by implementing new technologies, including digital transformation. These developments can help them to significantly improve the yield and soil quality. These efforts will boost competitiveness of Kazakh agricultural products worldwide. The harvesting campaign in Akmola region will soon begin. All equipment, including more than 8,500 harvester combines is ready.