Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness

Benefits, profitable projects, geographical position and niches created in the market have contributed to Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness. Experts say the volume of investments is growing in all economic sectors. Increasing activity is also observed in the regional context. For example, 23 investment projects are being implemented in Aktobe region. The total investments volume has reached 250 billion Tenge. Major projects include construction of the natural gas processing plant and the gold mining and processing plant. Nine projects are under development and other projects have been launched, including facilities that produce metal structures and lime, fasteners and silicate products as well as a workshop processing chromium containing waste.


 - 14 investment projects are being implemented on the territory of the Industrial Aktobe Zone. For the convenience of investors, all the favorable conditions for creating a business, all necessary infrastructure, electricity, and water supply have been installed there.

Representatives of one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus highlighted the great investment potential in the republic. The company has opened its office in Astana. The company’s CEO Ahmet Noyan said the office will create more opportunities for tourism development between Cyprus and Kazakhstan. It will also provide opportunity to knowledge and experience exchange in the construction industry, particularly in multi-story houses, residential complexes, villas, commercial real estate and individual projects.


 - Kazakhstan is a new arena for investment and cooperation for northern Cyprus. I, as an architect, want to say that the colossal work have been done by construction companies to modernize the city. If we compare Cyprus and Astana, then only the weather is different. I think that in the next 10-15 years Astana will become one of the leading capitals.