Industrial production growth in Kazakhstan amounted to 5.1%

Industrial production growth in Kazakhstan amounted to 5.1 per cent in the first seven months of this year. Based on the report of the Kazakh Ministry of Investment and Development, positive trend is observed in industries such as mining and processing. Metallurgy and light industry are being developed as well. The reason for the fast increase in production is the increasing demand in the market and opening of new export markets. The chemical industry saw an increase in the production of yellow phosphorus by 57 per cent. 52, 000 tonnes of the phosphorus was produced since the beginning of the year. The higher production was due to the increase in export to European Union and other foreign countries.


-  Until the end of the year, the ‘Pustynnoye’ gold recovery plant will be introduced. By the end of the year, the second copper smelting furnace in Zhezkazgan will be opened which will double copper production in the next year.

Meanwhile, the engineering sector saw a 16 per cent growth. Every second car sold in the country is made in Kazakhstan.