Factory for processing camel and mare’s milk to be set up in Turkistan

Kazakh businesses are focusing on the production of unique traditional products given its popularity in Kazakhstan. Local entrepreneurs are set to boost production volumes and open more plants to process camel and mare’s milk. For example, dry milk powder processed from the Kazakh traditional drinks will be produced in Turkistan. The factory is planned to be opened in autumn. The plant’s production capacity is expected to total 100 tonnes of milk powder per day. The cost of the investment project is 7.5 billion Tenge. The end products will be exported abroad.


-We are planning to supply our goods to China. After that, we will focus on exporting our goods to the European countries, the United States and Australia.

According to the producers, the traditional organic dairy products will always be in high demand. The producers believe that the Kazakh traditional food can become a national brand of Kazakhstan. A dairy processing plant in Pavlodar has succeeded in the production of traditional Kazakh goods such as kurt or dried cheese and cheese. The facility has received positive feedback from its customers.


-We produce kurt with cumin and pepper, as well as sweet, salty, sour and other variations of this product. We are currently working on adding kospa or traditional Kazakh dessert, to the list of our new production items.

The factory expanded its product range up to 100 items in six years. Local businessmen believe that reviving the recipes of traditional food of the national cuisine and adapting the food to modern market demands can help Kazakhstan boost its export volumes and establish its own brand niche in the international market.