Kazakhstan is boosting its export potential

Kazakhstan is boosting its export potential. According to experts, locally produced goods are exported to foreign markets by Kazakh enterprises representing a wide range of sectors. Locally produced construction supplies are highly popular in Uzbekistan whereby 265,000 tonnes of cement were exported to the country in the first quarter of 2018. The value is three times higher than in previous years. According to Uzbek entrepreneurs, the value can be increased, taking into account the growth rate of the construction sector. Cement produced in Shymkent, Karaganda and Taraz are highly demanded among Uzbek buyers. Meanwhile, significant volume growth is seen in the export of food products. According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan, trade between the two countries exceeded US$543 million between January and March. 


 - Construction is actively developing in Uzbekistan. The demand for construction supplies is high, especially for cement produced in Kazakhstan, because of its good quality. We sell 200-300 tonnes of cement per month, 70 per cent of which is made in Kazakhstan. The quality of the Uzbek cement is also good. The demand for Kazakh cement grew after the forced suspension of the local cement production. The price of the product became more reasonable after the settlement of the customs fee issue.