The agricultural industry in Kazakhstan will be reoriented: Irrigated lands

The agricultural industry in Kazakhstan will be reoriented to increase productivity and increase the export of processed products. The task was set by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The performance of the sector depends on crop areas. Currently, irrigation networks are being reconstructed to expand the irrigated lands by 610,000 hectares. There are 22,000 hectares of irrigated lands in Yeskeldy district in Almaty. 300 kilometres of irrigated networks are being constructed in the district and 77 hydroelectric facilities will be built.


 - If we complete all the planned works this year, we will have the opportunity to develop an additional 4,200 hectares of arable land next year.

This year, the lands used to plant soy, sugar beet and corn are increased by 5,000 hectares. Agricultural producers are using innovative technologies in crops cultivation. Grains are also harvested in the area. The yield of harvested grains after the completion of one round of the collection process is up to 50 quintals.


 - We are in a good mood because the harvest is good. It is nice to have this harvest.

The irrigated lands were increased by 5,000 hectares this year. The area will be further expanded to 120,000 hectares in the next three years.