Meat cluster is under active development in Kostanay region

Meat cluster is under active development in Kostanay region. A meat processing plant is scheduled to be launched in Arkalyk city in the upcoming months. The construction works began in spring. Local Government has identified the facility as an anchor investment project. The plant is set to produce 1,000 tonnes of products annually and slaughter 50 cattle per day for beef production.  


 - Cattle will be brought here and slaughtered. Evisceration or removal of internal organs of the carcass will be done here. The cowhide storage rooms and cooling chambers will be located here. A sausage and cannery area will be constructed here.

The meat processing plant is expected to reach its designed capacity in two years. The facility is the third enterprise of this scale in Kostanay region.


 - The plant’s potential and the number of sheep and cattle that we have will allow us in the future to purchase livestock on a regular basis from all categories of farms in Turgai district, as well as Karaganda and Akmola regions.

The construction works are currently at the completion stage. Installation of equipment, including the sausages and cannery processing equipment, will start in mid-August. The management plans to launch the enterprise in October.