Turkistan’s economic development

Turkistan is set to develop its industrial and logistics centre and become a major player in the Central Asia region. Local officials are planning to expand the industrial zone area in the country to 300 hectares. Many enterprises with multi-million sales are currently operating in the zone. One of the companies is well-known in Kazakhstan. The Turkistan furniture factory annually manufactures up to 35,000 sets of the bedroom and kitchen furniture.


 - Our products are reasonably priced. Nonetheless, we closely monitor the quality. In general, we can make our furniture cheaper. We manufacture 100 sets of furniture a day. If we break down this number, 60 of them are kitchen sets and 40 are bedroom sets. We manufacture 30,000-35,000 sets per year. We began exporting them to Russia.

An additional of 15 enterprises is also located on the industrial area zone of Turkistan, including projects funded by foreign investments. Last year, entrepreneurs in Turkistan manufactured goods worth 104 billion Tenge.


 - Turkistan is called the spiritual centre of our country. However, it can also be called a logistics city, because it is located along the Silk Road. We are using these opportunities. A great number of businessmen are engaged in agriculture. They include those who produce dairy products, such as butter, cottage cheese, cheese and ice cream. We are planning to open more workshops. Businessmen are provided with support in the region.

In the next few years, Turkistan plans to expand the range of its production as well as build plants and factories and increase the area of irrigated lands. The country also plans to systemize support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Experts said there will not be any challenges in terms of selling the locally produced goods as the products are in high demand in both Kazakhstan and abroad. Logistics and transportation of the goods will be provided by local railway and the Western Europe – Western China transport corridor, which is the modern alternative of the Great Silk Road.