Cooperatives Effectiveness evolves every year

Cooperatives Effectiveness evolves every year

Agricultural cooperatives are producing positive results as agrarians proved them to be effective. This year, 18 agricultural cooperatives were created in Kyzylorda region by the merging of 250 private farms. This had a beneficial effect on the development of poultry farming. Three poultry farms were launched in the region and construction is under way for several more farms.


- The support gives the opportunity to promote private entrepreneurship, processing operations and increase the production volumes. The cooperative invested 65 million tenge in construction of the farm. We spent 28 million tenge of the subsidized credit to purchase 10,000 pedigree Dutch chickens.

The new development contributed to the growth of production volumes. The agricultural farm is currently supplying the markets with 7,000 to 8,000 chicken eggs daily. Over half a year, the amount of poultry in the region grew by 36 per cent and egg production by 45 per cent.

However, the majority of agricultural cooperatives of the region are engaged with cattle breeding. They are also admitting the effectiveness of the merger of farms. Last year, the cooperatives produced 342 tonnes of meat and 133 tonnes of milk, and this year, the meat production grew by 14 per cent and the milk yield grew by seven per cent. Specialists believe that the ‘Sybaga’ program will give a new impetus to the development of cooperatives.


 - For the development of cattle breeding, the ‘Sybaga’ program provides benefits for anchor cooperatives. For example, there are credits for 15 years at four per cent interest for purchasing 50 breeding stock. Also, 10 tenge is subsidized for every liter of milk and 200 tenge for every kilogram of meat in live weight.

Currently, about 2,500 private farms formed 105 cooperatives. The systemic measures allowed improving the share of agriculture in the total amount of the gross regional products from 2.5 to almost four per cent. The volume of investments in the industry grew 23 times over the past five years.