Regional Investments in Kazakhstan are increasing

The regions of Kazakhstan are raising their investment attractiveness. Mangystau region is one of the leaders in this field. Over 256 billion tenge were attracted in the region over the first six months of the year. Compared to the previous year, the volumes grew by six times. Foreign and local businessmen have invested their funds in the economy of the region. Foreign investors, such as India, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain are attracted to the processing industry, agriculture, transport and logistics. At the end of this year, the British and Chinese companies will be involved in the implementation of Eco-city, a large-scale project in the area of Aktau. Other projects include construction of a textile factory and a desalination plant in Kuryk (Курык) village.


 - Implementation of massive project in our region, such as the construction of a facility in Kuryk seaport will result in a bigger interest among large companies to construct plants and projects in our region with due consideration to logistics and delivery to various parts of the world. Costs of the products or production will also drop.