Development of fish production in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is set to become one of the largest producers of sturgeons. Fish factories in Atyrau are breeding the valuable fish species for many years in order to achieve the target set by the country. Every enterprise releases seven million fish every year, thus, supporting the population and restoring the fish reserves. Over the past 20 years, they released 140 million juvenile fish into the sea.


 - We are growing the fish in the water from the Ural River so that after their release into the river, they are more adapted to the environment of our rivers, and more viable in the sea water environment. As you can see, the juvenile fish is fleshy with good weight gain; therefore, they will be able to survive in such environment.

The regional fish factories are currently being modernized. The modern and effective production process are the main contributors to the successful growth of sturgeons.


 - According to researchers, 1-1.5 per cent of juvenile fish return to the industrial facility upon gaining maturity. We calculated that about 150 million juvenile fish were released. According to these estimates, 150,000 fish should return to our facility.

Once the modernization process is completed, closed circuit water supply systems will be installed at the facilities. The systems will adjust water temperature. With the new technologies, the fish breeders are planning to release 12 million juvenile fish into the sea every year instead of seven million.