Growth of export volumes in Akmola region

Akmola region is boosting the volumes of meat export. They are shipping meat both to the domestic market and abroad. Russia is the main consumer among foreign countries. In the nearest future, the local farmers are planning to agree on the meat deliveries to the Chinese market as well. Today, the regional farmers export up to 180 tonnes of products a year and the volumes will continue growing. According to forecasts, production of beef will be enhanced in Akmola region this year. More than 60,000 tonnes of meat are produced in the region annually; therefore, four large meat processing plants stepped up their activities. They were included in the exporters’ registers. The officials of the regional agriculture department also reported on the growth in the number of all types of farm animals. In general, the meat cattle-breeding industry is at the peak of its growth. According to the forecasts of experts, 3,000 farms will be established in Akmola region by 2027.


 - There are about seven feeding stations in the region with the total capacity of 27,000 feeding places. We are planning to load the feeding lots by 75 per cent by the end of the year and start feeding about 10,000 calves. We also want to produce additional 3,000 tons of beef.