Kazakhstan and Russia are strengthening trade and economic cooperation

Kazakhstan and Russia are strengthening trade and economic cooperation. The analysts highlighted the high level of interregional cooperation between the neighboring countries. Thus, in the first quarter of this year, trade turnover between North Kazakhstan region and the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation totaled more than 25 billion tenge. The businessmen of the two countries enhanced cooperation. Entrepreneurs of Petropavl and the Russian Omsk region reached agreement on implementation of joint projects in agriculture, chemical industry and healthcare. In general, there are about 200 entrepreneurs with the Russian capital involvement operating in Northern Kazakhstan. One of the enterprises is engaged with production of ice prevention materials.


-  The material causes little impact on the environment. All the certificates are in place. The material doesn’t affect the leather of shoes and the animals. We hope that the conference will be fruitful for us to establish new contacts and develop new areas.