Supporting investors: Protecting Business and Investments project

The Protecting Business and Investments project office was opened in Kazakhstan with the objective of meeting one of the top priorities of the country, which is to protect businesses and provide favorable investment environment. Over a short period of its operation, the office was visited by 17 businessmen. According to the office staff, several issues were discussed and resolved while the rest is in the works. The discussion was related to the elimination of administrative barriers and temporary registration of investors. The office is also handling the issue of transportation of goods. Its objective is to significantly reduce the waiting time for obtaining permit documents for goods transportation. 


 - With the purpose of elimination and facilitation of administrative barriers, we are currently working on incorporating these services as they are provided by the same government body. Therefore, we want to reduce the waiting time for the services.


 - There are certain agencies that we can address and receive practical assistance. There were difficulties before because of certain legal norms. The situation is improving now. There are bodies that we can address and people that we can talk to if we have certain issues.

The project office was opened by the Kazakh Ministry of Investments and Development. There are regional front offices that host meetings between the business community and the regional deputy governors, who are responsible for investments attraction.