A plant in Shymkent began manufacturing supplies for plastic doors and windows

Kazakh enterprises are expanding their export opportunities. A plant in Shymkent located in the area of an industrial zone began manufacturing supplies for plastic doors and windows. The plant’s output is in high demand as customers from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan arrived in the city to purchase their goods. Businessmen representing the Central Asian countries are ready to purchase products made in Shymkent in large amounts.


- There are many advantages. These supplies do not crack in the strong heat and in the cold.

According to specialists, they prepare a special mixture from locally produced powdered metals and cast parts that were previously imported from Turkey. The plant officials expect to manufacture about six million items annually. High quality products that are as good as imported products are produced by modern equipment and advanced technologies. The method also ensures cheap production cost.


- The plant’s output is competitive in the market. We are currently replacing Turkish products with the supplies made in Kazakhstan.

Nurkassym Akylbek, plant director

- We use locally produced raw materials such as, zinc, aluminum and copper. We prepare a special alloy to manufacture the supplies. We plan to cover 70 per cent of the Kazakhstan’s demand.

The management of the facility plans to launch a second plant, which will double its production volume and meet the rising demand of the market. The finished products are planned to be sold not only in Kazakhstan but also in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.