Regional investment cooperation

Kazakhstan is an investment attractive country. Over the past 10 years, US$200 billion were invested into the republic. The previous investment trend was in the manufacturing sector. For example, there are two big projects involving chemical analysis plant and a copper cable manufacturing factory. Investments of US$20 million were made for the projects. There is also a plan to build a factory for the processing of used tires and the production of building materials in the region. Investors discussed about the possibility to realize the plan and other projects as well during their visit to Kazan. Meanwhile, the trade value between Kazakhstan and Tatarstan has exceeded US$700 million, whereby US$100 million of the trade activities were concentrated in the West Kazakhstan region.


 - We are ready to export agricultural products. We have discussed the possibilities of delivering noodles and flour. We hope for productive cooperation, for further strengthening of trade relations between our countries. Over the next few years, we plan to increase the trade value. Now, the annual trade turnover is US$100 million, we want to increase it to US$150 million in the near future.

A construction of a liquid nitrogen manufacturing plant is almost completed in Burlinsky in West Kazakhstan region. The cost of the project is US$1 million. According to experts, the region is very attractive for investors as it borders with the Orenburg region in Russia. Meanwhile, a major project to repair the highway at the border area will begin next year. 


-  We have started developing a detailed plan on roadside service for small-and-medium businesses. These services are gas stations, campgrounds and motels along the highway. We are also currently thinking of creating a cluster of food security.

114 billion Tenge were invested into the economy of West Kazakhstan region since the beginning of the year. 61% of the investment was used for the development of the industrial sector.