Astana Hub: Vast opportunities

Astana Hub is a center of advanced ideas. It is a place where young talents are supported,  trained and received help in making business plans and further developing projects. Not only local inventors exchange experience, but also foreign ones. A number of developments by Kazak youngsters, including interactive glass, robotic strollers and pipe cleaning devices are presented at the IT technopark.


 - Astana Hub has become a good center of attraction for advanced technologies and talented specialists from all over the world. By launching the project, we will be able to realize one of the main ideas of the Head of State which is to make Kazakhstan the center of digital innovative solutions. Today, it is possible as there are continuous investments in the development of human capital.

The Technopark creates working conditions for investors, corporations and Government agencies. Today, 150 projects are being implemented in the international technopark of Astana Hub IT startups.


 - It is possible to place information on ordinary glass in a form of a gallogram. For example, it is not permitted to touch valuable artifacts in museums. Therefore, they were placed under the glass. We can place all the information about an exhibit on its surface. For example, the facts about an ancient sword. A visitor can admire this weapon and read the information about it, to whom it belonged and when it was manufactured.

The startup support program is complex. Participants have the opportunity to work with experts, but also to attract investments for implementation of their projects. Furthermore, the best participants will be able to take part in the acceleration program.