Kazakhstan-China: New partnership opportunities

Products of Kazakh food industry are gaining new markets. China is interested in the goods of domestic fat and oil factories. Kazakh manufacturers demonstrated their achievements and signed the cooperation contracts with other party at the second international Sunflower Oil conference. According to local industry representatives, they work hard on forming positive associations of Kazakh food products with the Chinese consumer. Also, umbrella brands have been created for a group of products under various sectorial features. China is the world’s second largest importer of oil after India. The country imports approximately one million tons of these products annually. 


 - We manufacture our own products, we own fields and we harvest flax and sunflowers by ourselves. We have our own factory. We have opened it three years ago. At the moment, we are one of the largest exporters of flaxseed oil to China. Mostly, Xinjiang is our main consumer, but we also work with companies in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the list of potential partners for Kazakh exporters continues to extend. Trade missions will be held in China for this purpose in the future. Some of the missions will be organized in the fall of 2018.


 - Two trade missions are planned to be held. One of them will be in Xi'an in September this year. We plan to demonstrate 50 Kazakh companies. In Xi’an we signed a joint agreement with Chinese company CNL Electronics Commerce Ltd. Under the agreement, 5000 square meters of commercial space in existing supermarket and 10,000 square meters of operating warehouses will be transferred to Kazakh entrepreneurs for their usage. In October we plan to have our next trade mission in Hong Kong.

China is interested in finished agricultural products. The share of agricultural goods has increased in the overall structure of Kazakh exports to China. Today local entrepreneurs sell flour, wheat, soy, sunflower oil, fish and frozen lamb to Chinese consumers. In the future beef is planned to be exported as well. China is the largest consumer of organic products. Annually, the country purchase food products for US$115 billion.