AIFC: Vector of development

The Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) opens new opportunities for all market participants. The financial hub offers unprecedented business conditions on the new site, particularly a simplified visa rule, exemption from taxes and a special jurisdiction. In addition, the AIFC stock exchange will provide an opportunity to invest in attractive assets of the region.


 - The stock exchange is ready for operation. We are waiting for the beginning of privatization of companies. Initially, the indicative period we planned was September or October when some companies could be listed on our stock exchange. Subsequently, we expect the first three companies will plan their listing on the platform of the international stock exchange of our financial center.

Representatives of American business intend to use opportunities of the AIFC to expand mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakh partners. The chairperson of the largest US Company, well-known lawyer, businessman and philanthropist Edward Mermelstein says that thanks to the work of the financial hub, new investors will come not only to Kazakhstan but will also indirectly make the entire region interesting.  


 - Taking the partnership between the Shanghai stock exchange, the Nasdaq and the AIFC to an amazing new direction. We look forward to the United States participating in many different business transactions and Kazakhstan as a result of the AIFC opening up to the rest of the world. The legal aspects both common law that is being used in the AIFC as well as the Islamic law will attract many new investors.

We understand that FinTech is going to be a major part of the AIFC as well and we expect that many FinTech companies will be attracted to the region.