AIFC conducts an active dialogue with the Eurasian Economic Commission

The Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) conducts an active dialogue with the Eurasian Economic Commission. Organizations strengthen cooperation in creating a common financial market. An important role is assigned to cooperation in investments and new projects as part of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Member countries of the EAEU have a common goal which is to harmonize legislation in an area of regulation of financial markets by 2025. This must be done on the background of the global financial revolution, experts say. The financial center in Astana can become a platform for the EAEU to test new approaches and new tools.


 - Our role is to be a center of attraction for world investors and new financial technologies, so that they can offer their products or investments to the population of the EAEU member countries. The AIFC can be a window and a guarantor for the investment world community that it is possible to integrate into the post-Soviet space through the AIFC platform and to create corresponding companies that will be structured on our platform.

According to experts of the Institute of Economics, the creation of an international financial center based on the world best practices will open a new stage in the development of Central Eurasia. Mobilization of financial resources also contributes to modernization of economies of the region.


 - Kazakhstan is on the right path in terms of creating a world-class financial center at an international level. Kazakhstan does not hurry but does it step by step, and actually speaking, Russia should follow an example of this careful study.

Russian economists view the AIFC as a strategically important integration tool that will create new opportunities for the capital market.