Kazakhstan and Japan: Growth of trade turnover

Kazakhstan is increasing its export potential with Japan as trade volume with the country shows a positively increasing trend. Last year, Kazakh manufacturers exported goods worth US$8 million to Japan, including products of oil, mining and metallurgical industries. Moreover, agricultural producers have great opportunities to export grain, flour and horse meat. In return, the high-tech Japanese equipment is in high demand in Kazakhstan. According to experts, it is necessary to solve logistics problems for uninterrupted delivery of goods. In addition, a memorandum on cooperation in municipal services, nuclear energy and urban transport was signed at the state level. Japan intends to continue investing in Kazakhstan. Today, there are 23 joint enterprises and 77 companies with the Japanese participation in the country. In the past 12 years, the gross inflow of direct Japanese investments has exceeded US$5 trillion.


 - Logistical routes has just started to be drafted. In the next three years, I think this prospect  will be realized. Kazakhstan has a port with China. There is a high-speed railway across the territory of China. Through this railway we can use the full potential of transport capacities of China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative.