Export to China

Kazakhstan is expanding its export capacity by increasing the supply volume of domestic goods to China market. China takes particular interest in Kazakhstani agricultural products as according to experts the products are of high quality. Statistics showed the increased trade and economic relations between the countries. Last year, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and China increased by almost a third to US$11 billion.


- There is a tendency towards an increase in 2018. For the first quarter, the turnover has already reached US$2.5 billion. Also, it should be noted that the export of Kazakhstan’s products to the Chinese market accounts for more than a half of this turnover.

Also, agreements have been reached between Kazakhstan and China on supplies of fodder to China. Domestic agricultural producers will export alfalfa. An agreement was signed between the PRC Customs Department and Kazakhstani Department of Agriculture. The parties have created all the necessary terms, which includes the type of transportation and uploading of products at the border. This is the first experience for Kazakhstan to export fodder.

There is also an excellent opportunity for local farmers to earn income by planting perennial grasses. The agencies noted that there are similar arrangements on transporting alfalfa to other countries. Kazakh farmers are planning to export over 100,000 tons of hay per year only to China.


- The basic phytosanitary requirements were specified in the protocol. The requirements of today include the absence of quarantine facilities, pests and diseases. This list was agreed upon in the contract and it includes 17 quarantine facilities. The methods of transportation were also included in the agreement. It includes through bales, rolls or containers. It was agreed by the Chinese side. The contract also includes the absence of insects in the exported items.