Kazakh producers are increasing oil production and exports

Kazakh producers are increasing oil production and exports. By 2025, oil extraction will reach 104 million tonnes per year. According to experts, this will help fully meet the domestic fuel needs. This year, oil production grew more than 6 per cent. Exports grew at the same rate. According to the officials from the Kazakh energy ministry, the oil and gas industry remains one of the most attractive industries for investments. For example, the volume of direct capital investments into the Karachaganak oil field totals more than US$1.5 billion. Moreover, the government conducts work on elimination of various administrative barriers. Since the beginning of the year, the technical regulation of the Customs Union came into force, according to which the quality of the fuel produced in Kazakhstan should meet the K4, K5 emission standards starting from July.     


 - The Pavlodar and Atyrau Oil Refineries have already been modernized. The new high octane gasoline production units have been launched there. There is a surplus of Gasoline 92 in Kazakhstan. The volume of Gasoline 92 totaled 358,000 tonnes this morning. Installation of the fluid catalytic cracking unit will be completed at the Shymkent Oil Refinery in August or September. The plant modernization will also be completed then. The volume of gasoline will significantly increase by 500,000-600,000 in October.   

According to the Kazakh energy minister, the government is currently working on selling the oil surplus. Oil produced in Kazakhstan is planned to be transported to the Central Asian region and other countries by the Caspian Sea.