Investments in Central Asian countries

Kazakhstan is a gateway for the European investors to Central Asia. A Polish Investment and Trade Agency has been opened here, as was announced at the economic forum held between the two countries. The agency will become an important tool for implementing the Polish economic strategy in the region. Since Kazakhstan is located on the Silk Road and is an important link in the One Belt, One Road project. The agency allowed the Polish companies to expand their presence in the Asian market. 30 foreign businessmen took part in the forum. Poland and Kazakhstan discussed further ways of developing trade relations. According to results of the last half-year, the trade turnover between Poland and Kazakhstan amounted to US$310 million and grew by 2.5 times compared to the same period of the last year.


 - Poland has invested over US$200 million in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has invested over US$25 million in Poland. According to articles we discussed, chemical products, mineral raw materials and products of the metallurgical complex have been supplied. When it comes to joint ventures, there are over a hundred actively operating joint ventures.


 - I believe that the trade between Kazakhstan and Poland is at a good level, as it grows 70 per cent every year. Export of the Kazakh goods is also showing good results. We import primarily oil and liquid gas from Kazakhstan. In our turn, we ship automobiles and food commodities. Our cooperation has a great potential. I hope that such B2B meetings will contribute to the improvement of the situation.   

The law on investments support will be shortly signed in Poland. According to Tadeusz Koscinski, the document will further strengthen cooperation between Kazakhstan and Poland. At the forum, the parties also signed a cooperation agreement between the Kazakh-Polish Commerce and Industry Chamber and the Investment Attraction Agency of Pavlodar region. Official data showed that currently, there are over 100 Kazakh-Polish joint enterprises actively operating in Kazakhstan. 

Moreover, the two countries are set to strengthen cooperation in the field of information. The parties have agreed to share information about the countries through Kazakh TV. There are 34,000 members of the Polish diaspora living in Kazakhstan.