Kazakhstan’s trade turnover with EEU member states

Kazakhstan is expanding its economic presence in member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. Last year, Kazakhstan’s trade turnover with the EEU member states increased to nearly US$17.5 billion. This year, the parties have signed agreements on development of trade with Iran and China, and on cooperation with Moldova and Croatia. According to the Kazakh minister of national economy, free trade agreements with Israel, Egypt, India, Singapore and Serbia will also be concluded to expand trade and economic cooperation as part of the EEU. The countries are working to digitize the economies of the EEU, remove barriers to the markets and improve customs legislations, technical and transport regulations as well as government procurements and competition.


 - Regarding cooperation with international financial organizations, we are implementing nearly 25 investment projects. The share of attracted funds amounted to 76.2%. The projects are implemented in development of small and medium-sized businesses as well as construction and reconstruction of highways.