Kazakhstan exports uranium to Brazil

Kazakhstan has shipped natural uranium concentrate to Brazil for the first time. Representatives of the Latin American country and Kazakhstan signed a long-term contract for the shipments of the nuclear fuel. The scope of the deal is not disclosed. According to experts, cooperation with Brazil in the field of nuclear energy will substantially expand the sales geography of Kazakh products in the global nuclear fuel market. Kazakhstan’s uranium is currently exported to China, the United States of America, the European Union, South Korea, Japan and India.        


- There are two nuclear reactors in Brazil. The third nuclear power unit is under construction. I think that this event is very important in terms of the energy cooperation development, particularly, in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Part of the agreement will be executed by the largest state company in Brazil, which operates in the field of nuclear fuel production. The company’s activities are licensed and inspected by the National Nuclear Energy Commission and the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Resources and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


- I believe that the uranium program is very important for the Kazakh-Brazilian relations, because the trade involves strategic items. Brazil is a very important country in Latin America, that’s why this cooperation will strengthen Kazakhstan’s status in the international arena. 

Previously, the Brazilian government purchased uranium in Europe and Canada. Experts believe that cooperation with Kazakhstan will help Brazil to gain substantial success in the so-called Uranium Club.