Securities market development trends

Kazakhstan’s Finance Ministry will be able to place Eurobonds on the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC). This procedure will be performed through the world’s largest securities settlement company, Euroclear. Eurobonds denominated in Dollars, Euros, Tenge will be available for investors. Experts discussed the securities market development and the major macroeconomic trends at the 15th CIS and Baltic States Bond Congress in Astana. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Astana International Exchange (AIX) Tim Bennett, implementation of the National investment strategy will have an impact on Kazakhstan’s economy. One of the task outlines in the document is attraction of US$40 billion of investments by 2022.      


- There is plenty of capital available globally and particularly from China with the Belt and Road initiative in order to fund that type of growth in Kazakhstan so we look forward to the opportunity both AIX and AIFC and facilitating that capital flow in Kazakhstan. You can’t find the economic growth solely through the banking sector and that’s why it is important to develop a capital market.