Cooperation on China’s One Belt, One Road initiative

Kazakhstan and China are expanding trade and economic cooperation. According to official data, the export of domestic products to China grew by almost 37%, exceeding US$5.5 billion in 2017. To-date, the total volume of trade between the countries amounted to US$11 billion. By 2020, the countries plan to increase the trade volume figure to US$40 billion. Experts say that the One Belt, One Road initiative becomes an effective instrument of international cooperation. The statement is also highlighted by the Chairperson of China’s National Development and Reform Comission, He Lifeng.


 -  This year marks the fifth anniversary of inauguration of the Great Silk Road by President Xi Jinping at the Nazarbayev University. During this time, economic, transport and cultural cooperation has expanded between our countries. The Chinese have learned more about Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is Russia's second largest economic partner in the region after China. Kazakhstan exports 20 types of food products, chemical industry, metallurgy and machine building. This year, six projects worth nearly US$2 billion will be implemented.

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and China covers a wide range of areas. Recently, as part of the Silk Road program, Kazakh inventors presented unique projects to China’s 17 technology companies. Foreign entrepreneurs got acquainted with the best start-ups developing under the patronage of the Park of Innovative Technologies.


 - On July 2nd and 3rd, Astana will host a forum titled ‘Megapolis: the Silk Road.’ We are interested in China's advancement in environmental standards and understanding of sustainability. They have a well-developed program on transferring to electric vehicles and improving the quality of life. We see that it is already impossible to breathe in the Chinese cities. Speaking on our needs, we have local problems such as traffic jams, delayed construction and high operating costs. These are aspects which China is struggling with and the state has a state program. In this regard, we would like to get the experience.

As part of 63 steps of the Plan of the Nation, the Park of Innovative Technologies create Technology Centers in partnership with leading transnational corporations in the Industry 4.0, new materials and financial technologies. As part of the Startup Kazakhstan program, 50 promising and innovative projects have been selected from the republic and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Each project has already received funding.