Farmers in Almaty region will start exporting beef to China and Iran this year

Farmers in Almaty region will start exporting beef to China and Iran this year. Five years ago, one of the leading farms of Alakol district purchased 5,000 cows of the Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds of beef cattle in Australia. The livestock population has currently increased to 15,000. The farmers preferred these breeds due to their breeding qualities. These cattle are characterized by high early maturity and excellent quality of meat. In addition, the animals adapt easily to the climate and tolerate high and low temperatures. The farmers practice the pasture breeding method. The pasture area is 50,000 hectares and it is surrounded by electric fence.


- For example, there are currently 8,000 cattle here. We have 13 cattlemen to handle them. Not only it reduces the number of staff, but also helps regulate internal management.

The company has experience in exporting meat to Russia and Kyrgyzstan. After the launch of the facility, which includes feeding lots and a meat-packing plant, the enterprise management plans to expand the supply of meat to a number of other countries. Meanwhile, there are currently 5,000 cattle at the feeding lots.


 - Chinese and Iranian partners visit our farm to see the cattle. I think that this year, we will start exporting some amount of meat to China and some amount to Iran.

The enterprise management also plans to expand its livestock population. The farm will soon have 30,000 breeding cows after all the plans are implemented.