Kazakhstan is planning to boost meat exports to 2.4 billion dollars by 2027

Kazakhstan is planning to boost meat exports to 2.4 billion dollars by 2027. This goal is set in the concept of the new meat cluster development program. The farmers of Kostanay also see great opportunities in the industry. There are currently three large enterprises operating in the region as part of the program. One of them is located in the Karabalyk district. There are 6,000 heads of fattening cattle here. Until recently, the enterprise delivered meat to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg and Bashkortostan. Now farmers agreed to sell the cattle to another Russian city of Orenburg. Sixty heads of cattle are already shipped there.   


 - We are currently resuming livestock exports. We are planning to export 300 heads of cattle per month to the same meat plant. It is a big plant which capacity is 4,800 heads of cattle per month, but we start with 300 heads.  

The officials of the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture have developed a special implementation plan for the meat cluster program. The farmers of the Kostanay region are planning to export 2,000 tonnes of meat by the end of the year. 170 tonnes are already shipped. Experts say that signing of the bilateral agreement opens new opportunities for the farmers.   


 - This year, the filing of veterinary documents is simplified, compared to the last year. For example, documents were filed in a week in 2017, but this year it takes only 3-4 days. Thus, we can save time. 

The increase of export volumes is directly related to the measures of government support. This year, the subsidy scheme for livestock farmers is updated. Now, farmers will receive government support for every kilogram of weight gain.