AEF: Digital world

AEF: Digital world

Digital World is one of the topics of the Astana Economic Forum: 2018 Global Challenges Summit. Digital transformation has already begun in Kazakhstan in a number of industries, businesses and all areas of everyday life. For example, getting various certificates has been eased for Almaty residents. Public service centers have been automated. City residents can receive all the necessary documents online without queues.


 - I need proof of residential address. Previously, I had not known that I can get such a service without leaving home. Now, I have been given an electronic digital signature, and I can receive the necessary documents remotely. It is very convenient.

13 public service centers of Almaty provide 452 state services for residents. The concept of work has been completely changed. There are areas of self-service. Queues are shorter and the number of services has been increased. In the first quarter, 240,000 people have activated their electronic digital signatures. Thus, they have received 1 million 156,000 government services, half of which have been provided electronically.


 - Previously, residents had received services using an electronic digital signature. Today, they get a message with one time password. Therefore, the number of visitors to the Public Service Centers has decreased.

The staff of the public service centers explain the visiting citizens about how they can work independently with the electronic government. In addition, digital technologies allow people to make a confidential video message and send it to heads of state bodies. At the appointed time, people receive a confidential response to their video message.